Merry Christmas from the Perran Family!

We would like to take this time to wish everyone a beautiful, Merry Christmas! This year, Christmas feels extra special in our house. Our hearts have been touched by prayers, positive thoughts, and blessings all year from family, friends, and kind strangers. We have kept things as simple as possible this year; one party, a night out enjoying lights, music, and carolers, a gorgeous tree, only the most special decorations, baking, movies, and lots of snuggles by the fire. We are happy to share this good news: Connor’s 24 hr. home EEG results came back showing no seizure activity, the Botox injections he had in his legs about a month ago have been very successful in reducing pain and spasticity, and he has been much more alert off and on after taking him off of one of the sleep meds. Tom is taking some time off of work and Jake is on break so we are looking forward to some family fun!

Main Photo and Santa Photo Credit: Little Heroes/Photography by Kam