A Letter to You in Heaven

Dearest Connor Bo,

It has been a little over 6 months since you traded your cape for wings and words can’t come close to expressing how much we miss you. Life will never be the same without you here with us, but we are doing our best to make the most of it until we see you again. We promised you we would keep adventuring and we are. You would be proud of us. You were always the best friend anyone could ask for, spreading kindness wherever you went, being silly and having fun, stopping to smell the roses, and shakin’ your booty to the music. We strive to be more like you every day.

The other day, Dad and I were talking about how everything was an exciting adventure to you; going to the grocery store, walking to the mailbox, helping me clean the house, etc. You saw the positive and the good in everything…except Chewy. Oh, how you loved to harass that poor little dog! He hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still the grumpy old dog you remember. Dobby was so sad and lost when you left. Every day, for months, he would go lay in the spot next to our bed where your hospital bed used to be with his head down on the floor and whine. When a door would open in the house, he would get excited and his ears would perk up, thinking you were coming home.

Jake started high school this year and he is loving it. It wouldn’t surprise you that his favorite thing about school is “the ladies”. Jake and his friends wear not only one, but several of your Connor’s Courage bracelets and it always brings a smile to my face to see them wearing them. Jake started driving too. I can only imagine all of the things you would have yelled at him from the back seat! Ha ha! The other day, Jake and I were sitting at the dinner table together and he said, “I really wish I could see Connor grow up”. Yes, I just about lost it. And when we see all the younger kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes, he comments on how much he wanted to teach you how to ride your bike. He misses you.

I want you to know that Dad and I are doing okay and when you see us cry from up above, just know that it’s only because we love you so much. The things we miss the most are being able to wrap our arms around you and hearing you breathe. We spend countless hours out in your beautiful garden. It’s one of the places we feel your presence the most. But, don’t worry. We feel you with us wherever we go. We dream of you often. We love you forever.