Seven in Heaven

Happy Birthday my sweet Connor! It’s a beautiful sunny day that is going to be filled with celebrating you! Your favorite movies and music, a walk by the river, and a BBQ with all of your favorite foods (hotdogs, pickles, fruit, and root beer). I wrote this little poem for you for your birthday Superman. Mom loves you forever!



Snow white petals, gently falling

In Connor’s garden, songbirds calling

New life emerges, Spring is dawning

A glimpse of heaven at my door

Bleeding hearts, my secrets keeping

For I am like, a willow weeping

From my eyes, teardrops seeping

A glimpse of heaven at my door

Then I sit quietly, reminiscing

My cheeks long for, his tender kissing

His weight, my empty arms are missing

A glimpse of heaven at my door

God wraps his loving, arms around me

His love and light, beyond astounding

Comforting and all-surrounding

A glimpse of heaven at my door

A garden of love forevermore