The Gift of Music


This morning our family was given the gift of music by Nicole Christensen at our home through Corwyn’s Cause. She sang several of Connor’s favorite songs including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “I Can Only Imagine”, “A Million Dreams”, and “Silent Night”. Since Connor is blind, music has become the most important part of his world. It’s the one thing he can always enjoy, no matter how he’s feeling. Thank you Nicole for bringing kindness and joy to Connor and our family with your beautiful voice. Thank you Megan and Corwyn’s Cause for shining light on all of us and making such special things like this possible! We are so blessed and grateful for everything you do for our family!

Corwyn’s Cause is an amazing, local non-profit that provides uplifting support to families like ours, with medically fragile or terminally ill children. They will be hosting their 2nd gala tomorrow night to raise money for their cause. Here is a news article about Corwyn’s Cause that contains a link to their Facebook page:


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