Remembering Connor

On March 23, 2019, we celebrated the life of our sweet Connor. It was such a bittersweet mix of heartbreak and joy. It was also absolutely beautiful in a way only God could have made possible. We were given a very special horse drawn carriage ride by one of Connor’s earth angels; a kind man who heard about Connor’s story and wanted to help a grieving family he had never even met. When we arrived at the church, everyone was outside waiting to greet us. Several people in the crowd let heart-shaped balloons go for Connor. Then we carried Connor’s Superman urn into the church. There was a simple cross as we walked up the stairs with a purple sash for lent. There was a beautiful light up cherry blossom prayer tree where guests could take a ribbon, say a prayer and tie the ribbon on the tree in remembrance of Connor. We chose the cherry blossom tree after learning that it represents the beauty and fragility of life. There was a table with pictures of Connor in his Superman costume with a quote on the back, Superman pins and buttons, and Forget-Me-Not seed packets with a poem attached that guests could take. The service was a deeply touching tribute to Connor. Afterwards, we had a reception dinner which was basically a big, fun party where we were surrounded by family and friends. We know Connor was looking down from heaven, smiling and shakin’ his booty to the music! 🙂

We wanted to share some videos and photos for those who were there with us in spirit but not able to attend.

Connor’s Memorial Video – Credit: Tanner Baisden

Connor’s special horse-drawn carriage ride to the church.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Connor’s life with us! Special thanks to:

My Mom for helping with the planning and coordinating things in Colorado for us.

Dad and Kelly for paying for the hall, catering, and other funeral expenses.

Tanner Baisden for creating Connor’s beautiful memorial video and Corwyn’s Cause for making it possible. We will cherish it forever!

Father Steve at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Parish for the most beautiful service for Connor.

Jim and Jill for the amazing horse-drawn carriage ride!

All of our awesome family and friends who helped set up and clean up after the party!

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