Friendsgiving 2019

Last week, Trina and I had fun doing all of the shopping for Friendsgiving. We filled two shopping carts with groceries and were under budget thanks to Trina’s awesome planning :). So, we decided to get a movie theater gift card for each family as well in hopes that they can enjoy some special time out together over the holidays. We put together 2 large boxes of groceries per family, Trina made up recipe booklets, I printed a photo of each of our families, and we included a card along with a few Hannah’s Helping Hands and Connor’s Courage bracelets. Spending time together to get it all packed was so good for our grieving hearts. And of course, we were thinking of Connor and Hannah the entire time. On Sunday, Bob helped us load everything up in the truck and we delivered the boxes to the families. We are grateful for the generous donations from family and friends, which allowed us to give the gift of Friendsgiving to five Treasure Valley families this year! Connor’s and Hannah’s light continues to shine bright in so much of what we do and it makes us feel good to be able to help other families.

One thought on “Friendsgiving 2019

  • We are thankful to live in a community who is like a family to other families like ours. We are so thankful and beyond greatful for both of your family’s. Thank you for this my 12 year old daughter is so excited to help cook the the recipes out of the book. They already know what movie they want to go see too. Thank you!
    #hannah&connor are in our minds. My kids loved the bracelets they are wearing them too.


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